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Ambassador Program

Partner with us in culinary discovery.

Represent your city

Do you possess an in-depth knowledge of your city’s restaurant scene and have a knack for sales? Our ambassador program offers a unique opportunity to channel your expertise into a rewarding partnership. Join as a city ambassador and connect local restaurants and bars with a broader audience. To top it off, receive a generous commission for each new partnership you bring on.

Your contribution

As an ambassador, your role is pivotal in forging relationships with restaurants and bars and introducing them to the benefits of our platform. Your efforts in promoting their business can help enhance their online presence and customer base. Your insights into the dining scene will guide patrons to the finest food experiences your city offers. This role is about celebrating and sharing your passion for good food.

What you'll do

Ready to start?

Ready to combine your passion for food with a rewarding role? Apply to become an ambassador today. We're excited to work together!