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Cocina Hermanos Torres

4.7 (1,071) $$$$ $$$$ Creative, Fine Dining


Summary: A grand open kitchen with tasting menus and live cooking shows.

Cocina Hermanos Torres is a culinary gem where diners immerse in the cooking process, surrounded by an industrial-sized kitchen and live cooking shows. This restaurant redefines the dining experience with two curated tasting menus featuring dishes like green peas and sea ox with seaweed paste. Guests are treated not just to a meal, but to a spectacle of culinary artistry, where they can interact with the cooking stations and even participate in educational sessions. The Torres brothers have masterfully created an environment that combines the charm of traditional cooking with a modern, interactive approach. The venue's romantic lighting and the magical ambiance transport patrons away from the ordinary, offering a gourmet journey that celebrates local and seasonal ingredients with minimalistic, yet impactful, preparation techniques.


3 Stars
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Score 84.5 / 100 2023
Ranked # 782 in the World 2023
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Carrer del TaquĆ­graf Serra, 20, 08029 Barcelona, Spain

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