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Culler de Pau

4.7 (916) $$$$ $$$$ Creative, Fine Dining


Summary: A taste of Green Spain, sea views, and artful dishes in a minimalist cube.

Nestled amidst sand dunes and pines, Culler de Pau captivates with its minimalist architecture and a breathtaking panorama of the Galician coast. The restaurant's commitment to local sourcing is evident with its kitchen garden and proximity to the sea, offering a sensory journey through its "zero-mile" cooking. The dining experience is enhanced by large windows that frame the estuary, while a walk through the garden and a coffee in the winter greenhouse provide a holistic gastronomic adventure. The menus, including Ronsel, Marexada, and Descuberta, showcase a dedication to the environment and the Atlantic essence, with dishes that highlight the fresh herbs and produce from the garden. Enjoy the artful presentation of tasting menus complemented by a selection of local wines in this contemporary setting that embodies a true taste of Green Spain.


2 Stars
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Score 81.5 / 100 2023
Ranked # 926 in the World 2023


lugar Reboredo, 73, 36980 O Grove, Pontevedra, Spain

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