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4.5 (1,430) $$$$ $$$$ Seafood, Basque, Fine Dining, Grill


Summary: A rustic escape for grilled delicacies.

Nestled in a serene valley, Etxebarri specializes in simple yet exquisite grilled dishes, prepared with the utmost care. The menu features local, seasonal ingredients transformed over custom-built grills into culinary masterpieces, such as the iconic txuleta and Palamós prawns. The dining atmosphere is unpretentious, allowing the focus to remain on the exceptional flavors brought out by the unique grilling techniques. Food aficionados make the journey to this rural gem, housed in an 18th-century country house, to savor the unparalleled mastery of flame-cooked cuisine. The restaurant's dedication to quality and innovation is evident in every dish served, making it a sought-after destination for those seeking the pinnacle of rustic grilling. It's essential to plan ahead, as the demand for this distinctive dining experience means tables are booked months in advance.


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San Juan Plaza, 1, 48291 Axpe, Bizkaia, Spain

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