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Les Cols

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Summary: Garrotxa's seasonal best on a plate.

Nestled in the pastoral charm of Olot, Les Cols is a sanctuary of gastronomy offering a 21-course tasting menu that celebrates the bountiful produce of the Garrotxa region. With an emphasis on fresh, seasonal ingredients, guests can expect an array of dishes that range from delicate carrot canapés to vibrant zucchini flower tempura, each crafted with minimal intervention to let the natural flavors shine. The venue, helmed by the Puigdevall family since 1990, operates with a strong commitment to sustainability and the philosophy of "food that hasn't travelled." The restaurant's interior is a blend of rustic roots and modern design, creating a unique dining experience that connects patrons to nature, especially in the ethereal events pavilion where hens wander freely. With two tasting menus—Naturaleza Viva & Mística and Horizonte Verde & Sostenible—Les Cols is a true celebration of the region's culinary heritage, offering both vegetarian and meat options that culminate in a memorable dining journey.


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Score 92.0 / 100 2023
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Carretera de la Canya, 106, 17800 Olot, Girona, Spain

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