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Restaurant Le Pré

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Summary: A culinary journey through regional flavors.

Restaurant Le Pré, nestled in the charming town of Durtol, stands as a beacon of modernity and tradition, offering a menu that's a poetic homage to the Auvergne region. With dishes crafted from local ingredients like wild herbs, trout, and deer, the restaurant presents a culinary journey that reflects the chef's extensive background, from coastal influences to Parisian refinement. The contemporary building housing Restaurant Le Pré mirrors this blend of progress and heritage, inviting guests to indulge in dishes like iodized Billom onions with almonds or rich game plates, all while experiencing impeccable service. The restaurant's philosophy is simple yet profound: to serve the Auvergne that's harvested daily, transforming humble ingredients like pork, eggs, and peas into masterpieces of culinary art. The set menus, such as "Parfums des Prés" and "Printemps dans nos Montagnes," are poetic expressions of the season, showcasing over 200 local plants and herbs that flourish around the volcanoes. With every dish, the restaurant makes a bold declaration of love for the region, offering a dining experience that's instinctual, yet meticulously crafted, down to the local snails in a linden jus. Restaurant Le Pré is not just a place to eat; it's a destination that captures the essence of Clermont-Ferrand through its flavors, aromas, and the sheer skill of its culinary team.


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Rte de la Baraque, 63830 Durtol, France

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