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Michel Sarran

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Summary: A blend of rustic sophistication.

Michel Sarran, located in the heart of Toulouse, is a testament to the joy and activity that fine dining can embody. With a focus on creating a festive atmosphere for guests, the restaurant showcases a blend of rustic charm and princely sophistication in its dishes. The spring version of green asparagus with pumpkin seed and buckwheat, the noble turbot with a creamy corn and ginger mix, and the playful nod to Béarn with a mischievous garbure and zucchini flower, all celebrate the spirit of the Gersois farmer. Patrons can indulge in noble fare, such as langoustines served in two ways, a superb lamb trio including a surprising tartare on Toulouse brick, with Asian scents and a confit shoulder croquette with dates. Among the exquisite desserts are honey-confited rhubarb and the croustade aux pommes flambéed with armagnac, a tribute to the chef's mother Pierrette. The dynamic and precise service is orchestrated by Arnaud Ducroux, with the expert contribution of new sommelier Marjolaine, who skillfully navigates the richly-stocked Southern wine cellar, particularly strong in Languedoc selections. Michel Sarran stands as a contemporary culinary haven, inviting guests to savor the moment in its distinguished setting, divided between a modern ground floor and an elegant first floor. The chef's origins from Gers are reflected in the single set menus that celebrate regional produce, offering a sun-kissed take on Southern French cuisine with occasional global influences. This upscale establishment is a choice destination for those seeking reimagined meat dishes, seafood, desserts, and a curated wine experience.


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21 Bd Armand Duportal, 31000 Toulouse, France

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