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The Man Behind The Curtain

4.5 (324) $$$$ $$$$ European, Modern, Creative, Fine Dining


Summary: A creative, artful eatery with a surprise.

The Man Behind The Curtain in Leeds offers a unique dining adventure with its creative, globally influenced tasting menus served in a theatrical, art-filled setting. Diners can expect an unconventional atmosphere enhanced by an edgy, monochrome interior reminiscent of a Bond villain's lair, complete with disorienting mirrors and atmospheric lighting. The dishes, many with Asian influences or featuring the colour black, are visually striking and designed to astonish the palate with their bold flavours and inventive presentations. Seafood is a highlight, with offerings such as a Dénia red prawn on a black ceramic telephone and marinated raw scallop and lobster in a tangy nam jim bisque. The tasting menu builds up to principal dishes like cod with inky-black potato and squab pigeon in rhubarb and hoisin, each carefully crafted to engage the senses. Desserts continue the theme of innovation, with Valrhona Manjari chocolate ganache served with potato foam and beetroot-vinegar dusted potato puffs. The restaurant's wine list is authoritative, and the inspired pairings add to the overall immersive experience.


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Score 77.5 / 100 2023
Ranked # 1,097 in the World 2023


68-78 Vicar Lane Lower Ground Floor Flannels, Leeds LS1 7JH, United Kingdom

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