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Satan's Whiskers

4.7 (779) $$$$ $$$$ Cocktails


Summary: Stylish drinks, taxidermy decor.

Satan's Whiskers stands out in Bethnal Green with its distinctive blend of taxidermy and vintage decor, setting the stage for an exceptional cocktail experience. This bar may have the appearance of a dive, but it's a hidden gem renowned for its classic cocktails, crafted with a level of care inherited from the creators' time at the famed Milk & Honey. With a constantly evolving menu that highlights fresh ingredients and top-shelf spirits, patrons can expect perfectly executed staples like Manhattans and French 75s. The atmosphere, enhanced by a hip-hop backdrop, is intimate and inviting, with service that's as warm and engaging as the drinks are impeccable. Whether nestled among the exposed bricks or under the watchful eyes of the taxidermy, a night at Satan's Whiskers is an unforgettable foray into the heart of cocktail artistry.


50 Best
Ranked # 28 in the World 2023
Ranked # 23 in the World 2022


Satan's Whiskers, 343 Cambridge Heath Rd, London E2 9RA, United Kingdom

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