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Summary: A French culinary journey with harbor views.

At Caprice, indulge in French sophistication and culinary excellence, with an unmatched Victoria Harbour backdrop. The restaurant boasts a unique open kitchen and Shanghai-inspired decor, offering a selection of contemporary French dishes and a renowned cheese room. Enjoy the lobster carpaccio or Brittany lobster, and marvel at the floor-to-ceiling windows that provide a panoramic view of the harbor. Caprice's allure is enhanced by its 1930s Shanghai-themed decor, from the fine wine bar to the exclusive wood-paneled cheese room. The menu features an array of French delicacies, including wagyu and oyster tartare with caviar, and a lobster carpaccio appetizer that's become a signature dish. The main courses are equally impressive, with options like sautéed wagyu filet and Brittany lobster in black Thai tea sauce. The venue's large open kitchen offers diners a glimpse into the culinary artistry, while the adjacent bar provides a cozy setting for sipping fine wines and savoring a diverse cheese selection. Caprice stands out with its grand open kitchen, providing an intimate look at the culinary craftsmanship. The venue's décor pays homage to 1930s Shanghai, offering a unique ambience complemented by panoramic views of Victoria Harbour. The menu is a testament to French culinary finesse, featuring dishes such as wagyu and oyster tartare with Kristal caviar and Brittany lobster with fennel and carrot purée. The pastry chef's creations have garnered acclaim, adding to the restaurant's prestige. Caprice's cheese room, a rarity in the city, offers a sophisticated European cheese experience, while the bar next door presents an intimate space for enjoying fine wines and cheese platters.


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8 Finance St, Central, Hong Kong

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