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Sushi Saito

4.7 (90) $$$$ $$$$ Sushi


Summary: Intimate 16-seat sushi haven.

Perched atop the Four Seasons hotel, Sushi Saito is a sanctuary for sushi aficionados. This revered establishment boasts an intimate 16-seat counter where guests are treated to traditional Edomae sushi. The seafood, selected by the restaurant's dedicated team at Tokyo's Toyosu Market, is swiftly transported to ensure peak freshness. Sushi Saito's attention to detail extends to its rice, sourced from Akita and Nagano and prepared with spring water from Kagoshima, complemented by its unique vinegar blend. Opened in 2018, the venue quickly became a dining sensation, with thousands clamoring for a coveted reservation. The decor is a study in understated elegance, featuring cypress-wood walls and handcrafted Japanese ceramics that transport diners to Tokyo's esteemed sushi counters. With large windows framing Victoria Harbour, guests are constantly reminded of their lofty perch in the city. The dining experience is a sensory journey, with two expert protégés of the original maestro at the helm, ensuring each sushi creation is a testament to their skill and passion. The omakase menu is an adventure of trust, with the chefs guiding diners through a series of exquisite flavors and textures, from warm appetizers to a selection of sushi, and culminating in delicate desserts. Each ingredient is chosen with the utmost care, and the menu varies with each visit, promising a unique experience every time. Whether it's the rich variety of tuna cuts or the precision of a futomaki roll, every dish is crafted to highlight the natural beauty of the seafood. The grand finale of tamagoyaki and fresh fruit leaves guests savoring the memory of their culinary voyage at Sushi Saito. Hidden behind noren curtains on the 45th floor, the entrance to Sushi Saito is a gateway to an otherworldly dining experience. The ambiance is tranquil and spa-like, with every aspect meticulously curated, from the Japanese artwork to the distinguished ceramic tableware. The restaurant's two dining rooms offer an intimate setting where diners can witness the chefs' artistry up close. Despite the challenge of securing a reservation, those who do are rewarded with a sushi experience that is both authentic and unforgettable.


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45th Floor, Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong, 8 Finance St, Central, Hong Kong

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