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Tempura Uchitsu

4.7 (23) $$$$ $$$$ Tempura


Summary: Artisanal tempura oasis.

Tempura Uchitsu offers a serene, intimate dining experience on the 45th floor, featuring a 12-seat counter and an open kitchen. The restaurant's Tokyo-inspired decor complements its specialty in Edomae tempura, providing a cozy atmosphere for guests to enjoy a 10-course omakase menu. The menu showcases a variety of seasonal Japanese ingredients, such as Kumamoto eggplant and Hokkaido sea urchin, all transformed into exquisite tempura. The dishes are served alongside traditional Japanese sides, including sashimi and hotpot. The unique experience is enhanced by the chef's three recommended seasonings and the exclusive fried bird's nest and shrimp head tempura. To conclude the meal, a refreshing seasonal dessert is served, ensuring a memorable culinary journey that honors Japanese traditions.


5 Stars


Four Seasons Hotel, 8 Finance St, Central, Hong Kong

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