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Aqua Crua

4.7 (356) $$$$ $$$$ Creative, Fine Dining


Summary: A culinary journey beyond the norm.

Nestled in the serene village of Barbarano, Aqua Crua is a beacon of culinary innovation, presenting an avant-garde approach to Italian cuisine. With a dedication to creating, uncreating, and recreating, Aqua Crua defies trends to offer a unique dining experience. The restaurant is renowned for its bold aesthetic and meticulous research into the main ingredients of its dishes, resulting in a menu that is both provocative and satisfying. Aqua Crua's commitment to daily innovation means that diners won't find the classics here, but instead will embark on one of the most intriguing gastronomic adventures modern Italian cuisine has to offer. The experience is enhanced by an excellent wine cellar and service that is passionately dedicated to the restaurant's culinary mission. Guests are invited to explore the menu through a series of tasting experiences, Iniziazione I, II, and III, designed to progressively deepen their appreciation of the chef's distinctive style. The journey through Aqua Crua's offerings is not only a discovery of new flavors but also a celebration of Italian culinary artistry that challenges and delights in equal measure.


1 Star
Gambero Rosso
2 Forks 2022
La Liste
Score 79.5 / 100 2023
Ranked # 1,019 in the World 2023

Location Calcalusso, 11/a, 36021 Barbarano Vicentino VI, Italy

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