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懐石 辻留

4.3 (44) $$$$ $$$$ Kaiseki


Summary: A symphony of seasonal tastes and quietude.

In the heart of the bustling metropolis lies a serene escape, a kaiseki restaurant with roots in Kyoto, established in 1902. The embodiment of Japanese culinary philosophy, this restaurant offers an experience that transcends mere eating. Here, the principle of 'one soup, three sides' is just the beginning of a culinary adventure. Guests are treated to a harmonious blend of flavors that pay homage to the seasons, served in carefully selected tableware that complements the simple yet profound beauty of the dishes. The food, while understated, speaks volumes, capturing the essence of ingredients like hamo (pike eel) and matsutake mushrooms in a dance of ephemeral tastes. The fig miso salad surprises with its bold sweetness, while the 'tsunami gyorin' rice with barracuda and seaweed evokes a maritime vista. This is a place where the aftertaste lingers, whispering the grace of Japanese cuisine, where every scent and flavor leaves an indelible mark on the soul.


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Score 94.0 / 100 2023
Ranked # 276 in the World 2023
1 Star
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4 Toques


Japan, 〒107-0051 Tokyo, Minato City, Motoakasaka, 1 Chome−5−8 地下1階 虎屋第2ビル

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