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Summary: Chic zero-waste cocktail spot.

At Zest, a team of top bartenders has created a chic, minimal space with a focus on sustainability. The bar is a zero-waste operation, making its own sodas and spirits, upcycling materials, and even using recyclable aprons. A glowing back bar serves as a highlight, presenting a curated selection of drinks in a modernist, clutter-free environment. Zest proves that eco-friendly practices can be incorporated into a sophisticated and stylish bar experience, setting a new standard in the industry.


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Ranked # 2 in Asia 2024
Ranked # 5 in Asia 2024
Ranked # 5 in Asia 2023
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South Korea, 지하 1층 26 KR 서울특별시 강남구 도산대로 55길

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