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Sichuan Moon

4.8 (11) $$$$ $$$$ Sichuan


Summary: Innovative Sichuan fare in luxury.

Sichuan Moon, set within Wynn Palace, dazzles with a 15-course tasting menu that is a creative take on traditional Sichuan cuisine. The Sichuan staples are reinvented with luxurious ingredients like Périgord black truffle and duck foie gras. The ambiance is equally opulent, with a gold-hued dining room lit by a magnificent Murano-glass chandelier and white-clothed tables, offering a smart and sophisticated dining experience. The restaurant's specialty in Sichuan cuisine is evident in dishes like hot and sour soup and dan dan noodles, while the tea lounge provides a cultural immersion with rare brews served by tea masters. The tranquil cream and beige tones of the interior provide a calming backdrop to the restaurant's centerpiece – a custom Murano glass chandelier made of blue and amber butterflies. The menu at Sichuan Moon features both authentic dishes from Sichuan and fusion creations, such as Maine lobster in Sichuan chili broth. The show kitchen adds an element of drama, while the tea menu, with selections like jasmine pearl and lychee black, promises a memorable experience. With six private rooms, the venue caters to those seeking a more intimate dining setting. The restaurant's design by Rockwell Group epitomizes contemporary luxury, with leather and gold doors, marble floors, and a stunning butterfly mosaic, making Sichuan Moon a culinary jewel within the Wynn Palace.


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Ranked # 43 in Asia 2023
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Score 78.5 / 100 2023
Ranked # 1,052 in the World 2023


Wynn Palace, Av. da Nave Desportiva, Macao

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