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Sushi Shin

4.8 (126) $$$$ $$$$ Sushi


Summary: Intimate sushi bar with a serene vibe.

Nestled in the heart of Redwood City, Sushi Shin is a tranquil oasis offering a serene atmosphere for sushi lovers. With its warm-toned walls, plush seating, and the revered L-shaped counter, guests can enjoy a curated omakase experience with the freshest fish sourced from Japan. The intimate setting is complemented by soft music and attentive service, creating an environment where every piece of nigiri and sashimi is savored. The staff takes pride in explaining the careful sourcing and preparation methods, which include both traditional and modern techniques to enhance the flavor and texture of the seafood. Whether it's the sea water eel with plum sauce or the salmon and uni nigiri, each bite promises to be a delight for the senses at Sushi Shin.


1 Star


312 Arguello St, Redwood City, CA 94063

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